Our secret

When we had to choose how to make our fries there was only one standard for us. They had to be fresh, homemade and biological. No frozen things and no freezer meals. We believe that fresh homemade fries are the best, especially in combination with our 100% vegetable oil. Let us explain how we make our chips.

It all starts with the potato. After trying various combinations of potatoes and oils, we have chosen for the Agria potato. This, in combination with Grenada Gold, a 100% vegetable oil. We bake everything in this oil, except of course our saté, Hoogies burger and our schnitzel, we grill those.

The patato

Back to our fries. Our organic Agria potatoes come from Vanka. Vanka is a local supplier. Since 1938 they have specialized in potatoes. Pim and Roel regularly monitor the quality.

The Agria is specially designed for making (fresh) fries. It’s a pretty “young potato” if you compare it to other potato varieties. The Agria is here since 1986. For homemade fries, this breed is more suitable than other older varieties. Why? Well, at the beginning of the 19th-century people were not eating fries yet. Therefore they were not yet producing these specific qualities that a potato needs when making fries of it. And the Agria has those qualities for sure! The Agria has a nice golden yellow colour, which makes it a delight to look at. In addition, you can also deep fry the skin, which we do at Hoogies. Vanka delivers long sized Agrias, from which we can cut beautiful French fries. We do this manually. Don’t believe it? Come and have a look.

After cutting the Agria, we put the fries under water. Next, they are stored in our cooling cell. If we start the baking process for the first time, we throw out the water. We wait for the fries to dry and bake them at approximately 140 degrees (Celsius) until they begin to float, which will take about 7 minutes. Next, the fries are going in a container or a box, to cool off. If the fries are cooled we put the boxes back in the cooling cell for at least a couple of hours until it’s time to bake them off. The temperature difference (from cold to hot) makes for a delicious crispy skin. We bake them at about 170 degrees (Celsius) for 3 to 4 minutes. So you never have to wait long for our delicious homemade fries!

Fresh fries

Baked in 100% vegetable oil!